Alexis Finds Some Soul during Idol's First 12

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Alexis Finds Some Soul during Idol's First 12 Empty Alexis Finds Some Soul during Idol's First 12

Post by GeeWindu on Sat Feb 28, 2009 5:45 pm

News Type: Opinion — Tue Feb 17, 2009 11:02 PM EST

The auditions are in the bag and Hollywood is but a faint memory as American Idol begins to whittle down the Top 36 to our Final 12. Tonight, the first 12 contestants pull out all the stops in their first live performance and Alexis Grace comes out swinging.

Alexis Finds Some Soul during Idol's First 12 2447254
Alexis proves she's got a little soul.

This year, the road to the Final 12 is quite different. The Top 36 (not 24) announced after Hollywood have been divided into three groups of 12. Over the next three weeks starting tonight, each group will perform once in a two-hour edition of American Idol. The following night all but three - the top male performer, the top female and the contestant with the next largest amount of votes -- will be sent home, leaving us with a total of nine performers. Then in the wild card round three performers will be brought back to round out the Final 12.

Anyone else think this process is confusing and convoluted? Me too, but this is what we are stuck with. Now on to the performances of the First 12.

The Great

When I first saw Alexis Grace in the Louisville audition, I knew that she had a powerful voice, but I wondered if she was going to have what it took to be a great performer. Tonight she came out of her shell and proved, as Randy put it, that she had some soul. Alexis put a nice bluesy feel to her version of Aretha Franklin's "I Never Loved a Man." She is definitely a contender.

Also pleasing the crowd tonight was fan-favorite Danny Gokey. He proved that he has a nice voice taking on "Hero" by Mariah Carey and earned the praise of three of the four judges. But I tended to agree with Simon that it was a good performance, but not fantastic. To me, it just seemed like a weird song choice for him. However, Danny was still the best of the guys we saw.

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