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My Review Of The Last Two Nights Empty My Review Of The Last Two Nights

Post by GeeWindu on Fri Feb 27, 2009 6:52 am

Well, before I give a little review of both nights I must point out the best performance of the entire season! Hold Up My Heart by Brooke White!!! Very Happy Yes I know some of you knew I was gonna say that. But seriously no contestant has been outstanding this season yet. Danny and Alexis both did a really great job the first week was it even in the same league? Heck so far my favorite performances of this season have been by 3 from last season performing and only two (Go Alexis Woo!) from this season. So yeah by a mile best performance this season by anyone.

And here's it is...

Don't Google Your Name! ;D hahahahahaha!

Okay I'll get into the night.

Overall this week everyone was generally better than last. The only thing is no one was anywhere as good as Alexis or Danny from last week. Last week did have some horrific performances that we thankfully didn't see this week. (Discounting Nick/Norman will get into him in a little bit)

I completely agree with Simon about Adam on performance night. Man did he have some really awesome high notes! But then his low stuff and most the rest of the song was pretty "horrific" to quote Simon. It really makes me curious.. I knew for certain he'd make the top 12 as he has as many if not quite a bit more fans than Danny already.

As for the best guy IMO overall that was Matt Giraud. Was he great? As I said before no one was this week and he absolutely wasn't but he was my favorite guy personally this week and while I didn't think he really deserved a spot in the top 12 after that performance when there was better (all girls) I thought he was gonna make it. I was surprised he didn't. When they put the 4 in a row I immediately thought okay Giraud is probably thru tho Megan has a shot. Nope a guy named ??? I forgot his name no idea... whoever he is I keep forgetting, not only is he average looking but I think he is average sounding and i'm still wondering how the heck he made it to the top 12.

Then out of the guys to finish off the rest was Nick Mitchell/Norman Gentle. He was hilarious!!!! No his voice wasn't up to par and even though I never thought or wanted him to get past the auditions I must say he was very entertaining! He definitely was a highlight of the night and definitely lightened up the mood. I wish him success in the comedy area. I don't think he stood a chance at making the top 12 and no I don't suspect he'll be back for the wildcard round if he is Simon definitely won't be putting him into the top 12.

Now as for the girls while no one was great I must say I wished 3 girls would've proceeded even if it wasn't possible.

numbers 3,5, & 7 were all pretty good. Number 3 Allison (the one with the dyed pinkish maroon hair), well first off when Simon said she was boring in her interview I must contest! Her personality and stumbling of words made me laugh, I don't remember them really talking to anyone else but her tho I'm sure they did LOL!
Her performance was pretty good. She did sing "Alone" which was done by many previous Idol contestants. While Allison's was better than Ramiele's version it wasn't as good as Carly's or Carrie's version. Tho I did find her voice pretty good and she has some potential in there.

Number 5 was Megan. She was definitely good and my personal favorite of the night. I enjoyed the uniqueness to her style and sound definitely stood out and I thought she deserved a spot in the top 3 of the night tho didn't think she'd get it. She'll probably be back for the wildcard along with Matt G.

Then Jesse, I thought Jesse had a pretty darn good voice, and a style to boot. I thought she had a slim hope of making the top 12 but highly doubt the judges will put her there as they didn't care for her. So unless the producers put her in instead. I somehow wished she'd've made it thru also. At least one of the three I liked did.

Mischavonna (sp?) I thought did pretty well there just happened to be better girls that night.

So overall my picks for wildcard from today are Jesse, Megan, and Giraud. Though don't think Jesse will make it Sad

So yeah top 3 of the night I disagree with though I knew Adam would make it and thought Allison had a shot. that other guy there floors me still, like Michael from last week, except I know Michael's name haha.

So far (of course depending on who else makes it thru) I expect Michael and this other guy to leave earlier once making the top 12. This other guy may turn into a Syesha of last season who I didn't even know her name in the top 12 like I usually know all them by then. Forgettable.

Okay now i'd like to say one more thing tho you know I think this....

Brooke Rocked!!!!!!!!

And yes I bought her song on itunes not long after it came out and as soon as I knew about it. I'm Lovin' It!!!!!! So please... Hold up my heart! Smile

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